Test Lead

Closing date:  18 October 2022 - 12:00 am

Salary:  £50,790 - £58,338

Client:  Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The Test Lead is responsible for leading, guiding and monitoring the analysis, design, implementation and execution of test cases, test procedures and test suites.

The role works with colleagues across technical projects and programmes and in collaboration with other stakeholders to devise test objectives, produce test strategies and plans, estimating the testing required and building in the necessary resource requirement into any business cases as appropriate

The role works with colleagues across the department to make sure any required test environment is put into place before test execution and managed during test execution and appropriate test tools are used.

As the council moves to a more Agile way of working this role manages the tests rather than testers. The test lead helps to equip teams with the right test management tool to improve the outcomes of the testing process.

You can view the microsite here: https://www.rbkcdigitaltransformation.co.uk

For more information on this role, please fill out the form or contact the team on RBKC@osbornethomas.org, reference number OT4444.

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