Head of Technical Projects and Programmes

Closing date:  10 October 2022 - 12:00 pm

Salary:  £81,921 - £94,095

Client:  Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

For RBKC delivering successful projects and programmes is not just about bringing improvements, it’s about helping shape the experience of residents, partners, and colleagues across the Council. The Head of Technical Projects & Programmes provides leadership and creates an environment that encourages collaboration and enables the successful delivery of projects and programmes aligned to the Council Plan.  The role is responsible for overseeing, controlling and reporting on the entire portfolio of Digital, Data and Technology change activities and initiatives for RBKC. The ongoing portfolio comprises between 50 and 60 active projects and programmes at any given time, covering a range of complexities plus additional assignments (00’s) and has a rolling capital value of over £10M.

The role is responsible for leading a team of highly skilled technical project and programme managers, engaging, and influencing widely across RBKC to deliver complex digital, data and technology organisational programmes and projects. As the department centralises these programmes will also include complex SMART City and SMART Building programmes requiring the role holder and their reports, to work with an extensive ecosystem of business partners and experts in emerging and disruptive technology.

It is envisaged that the Head of Technical Projects and Programmes will also work in matrix management structures, supporting cross functional teams across key DD&T and Council initiatives.

The role engages different internal parties / stakeholders and external business parties on the use of technology to innovate on business processes and customer or user experiences. The role leads the continual development and delivery of roadmaps and managing a strong pipeline of projects. The role helps build new and specialised capabilities using Agile and DevOps principles across the IT organisation by leveraging existing talent and resources, as well as acquiring new skills and expertise.

You can view the microsite here: https://www.rbkcdigitaltransformation.co.uk

For more information on this role, please fill out the form or contact the team on RBKC@osbornethomas.org, reference number OT1419


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