Zero Emissions Day

21 September 2022General News

Today is “Zero Emissions Day”, a day in which we’re encouraged to take a break from fossil fuels (where possible) and explore our alternative options – in the hopes, that this is something adopted for longer than one day and can become part of everyday life.

Osborne Thomas has always built on strong values and one of these is to always have sustainability in mind. This is why we’ve always had home working (pre-pandemic!), a paperless “office” and when travelling for work purposes public transport is encouraged and expensed for our staff.

However, as a business we recognise that even though our way of working has a low carbon footprint there is still so much more we can be doing which is why in August we created and published our very own Carbon Reduction Plan and have officially pledged to be Net Zero by 2050.

The plan aims to not only review what we have done to date but to look at future actions we can implement into the business in both the short and long term so that we can be part of the global goal to achieve a healthy and happy planet.

If you have any questions concerning our plan and/ or our commitment to sustainability, please get in touch with Zelakah at