National Inclusion Week 2022

28 September 2022General News

National Inclusion Week 2022

This week is National Inclusion Week; a week dedicated to celebrating diversity and promoting the importance of equality in the workplace. Founded by Inclusive Employers National Inclusion Week is now in its 10th year.

But what does inclusion mean? And why do people use different words? Inclusion. Diversity. Equality. And more recently Equity. We have reviewed Inclusive Employers views on this and found the following: –

Equality is about the fair treatment of everyone and is often linked to the legislative framework in the UK, The Equality Act 2010.

Equity is about creating equal possible outcomes for everyone because, despite effort and merit, people can experience substantial barriers in the workplace.

Diversity is the mix of people.

Inclusion is the culture in which the mix of people can come to work, feel comfortable and confident to be themselves, and work in a way that suits them and delivers your business or service needs. Inclusion will ensure that everyone feels valued and importantly, adds value.

As an executive recruiter we understand and know only too well how inclusion in the workplace enables organisations to attract and retain a wider diversity of talent. Our candidate pool statistics speak for themselves; more than 50% coming from non-white communities, 40% being female, 15% having some form of disability – visible or not; and we continue to delve deeper when reaching out to further minority audiences.

For your interest our own Osborne Thomas team make up is also inclusive; 80% are female, 20% have non-visible disabilities, 10% are from non-white communities, and 20% are non-Christian.

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