Bi Visibility Day

23 September 2022General News

Bi Visibility Day is a day to recognise the Bisexual community, consider Bisexual history and celebrate Bisexual people globally.

Three activists founded the day in 1999; Wendy Curry, Gigi Raven Wilbur and Michael Page ( Page also designed the bisexual flag that we see today!) and since then has spread worldwide. 

Often referred to as “the forgotten part of the community”, those who identify as being bisexual frequently face a number of stereotypes so by having a day of recognition we can, together, tackle biphobia and give visibility to the bisexual community, providing opportunities for people to learn more.

Nobody should ever feel excluded for their sexuality and everyone within the LGBTQ+ community deserves a place, a voice and somewhere to feel safe.

Workplaces must work towards creating inclusive environments and many organisations can assist with implementing a long-term change, but in the short term you could consider:

  • Create a safe space by promoting education & visibility – such as specific internal comms
  • Ensure that bisexual employees have the means to speak up about harassment
  • Encouraging employees to share their own experiences – without being forced, not everyone who is “out” wants to discuss it.
  • Organise training that covers not just the definitions and history but also around inclusive language and allyship