1 November 2021Uncategorised

Osborne Thomas is looking to raise awareness for #IslamophobiaAwarenessMonth this November. We are joining the conversation, to learn and inform about how Islamophobia can be challenged within the workplace and recruitment.

According to the IAM (2021):

  • CVs submitted under a non-Muslim name are 3x more likely to be offered interviews than those with a Muslim name
  • Over a third of British Muslims feel they have been discriminated against in a job promotion in the last five years
  • Nearly two thirds feel they have been treated differently in the workplace because they are Muslim

Having spoken to colleagues and associates, we’ve identified a few changes that we can all be mindful of to ensure more inclusive and happier workplaces and recruitment processes:

  • Ensuring Halal food is available in the canteen or at meetings
  • Flexible working around Ramadan / Religious holidays
  • Prayer room availability for staff or visitors
  • Name-blind application processes
  • Regular analysis of Muslim numbers at all levels in the organisation

Nobody should feel discriminated against at work or during the recruitment process. Inclusion can only be achieved by staying informed and by speaking out when issues do arise. At Osborne Thomas, we’ve identified some key next steps we’ll be taking to further our own development and understanding, including committing to continued unconscious bias training for all our staff.

We all know a more inclusive workplace is a richer one – and we’d love to hear your thoughts too on steps you’ve taken?

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